Alex Trebek Net Worth

Alex Trebek

Net Worth: $75 Million
Real (full) name: George Alexander Trebek
Born: July 22, 1940 – November 8, 2020
Country of Origin: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Source of Wealth: Game Show Host, Presenter, Actor

From an early age, the famous Canadian-American TV presenter Alex Trebek dreamed of achieving considerable heights and taking his place in the media sphere. But the path to the top of success was not sweet, in order to amass his capital, he had to put a lot of effort.

Early years

Alex is from Ontario, Canada. His father, George Trebek, emigrated to Canada from Ukraine with his parents as a child, and worked as a restaurant chef all his life. Lucille Lagase’s mother has French roots, she taught her son to speak French. Alex studied at the Sudbury Boys’ Grammar School, after graduation he entered the military college, but soon left, because he did not want to have a short haircut.


Trebek from an early age gravitated towards work, he always wanted to make a living himself. At the age of 13, he even moonlighted as a bellboy at a hotel. Alex graduated from the Philosophy Department of Ottawa State University. During his studies, he began attending a discussion club and became interested in the field of television news.
In his last year at university, Trebek got a job on Canadian television. He did not have a permanent position, but he always took over to replace the speaker in case of anything. Soon he began working as a presenter for the SVS. He had a chance to review music and sports programs, entertainment shows, news releases.
In 1973, Alex moved to America, where after several castings he got a job in The Wizard of Odds, and a year later he transferred to the High Rollers show. Over a 60-year career, he managed to work as a TV presenter of popular American and Canadian TV shows, appeared in more than 40 films, where he mainly played himself.
Selected shows hosted by Alex Trebek:

  • “Reach for the Top”;
  • “Strategy”;
  • “Double Dare”;
  • “Stars on Ice”;
  • “Battlestars”;
  • “Classic Concentration”.

He is best known for his work on the entertainment program “Jeopardy!” He was its permanent host for 36 years from 1984 to 2020.


Before Alex got a stellar job on Jeopardy !, he couldn’t boast of a high salary, although he worked tirelessly. His capital stock was formed while working on Jeopardy! The shooting of the program usually lasted 46 days a year, for each day they managed to shoot 5 episodes. Trebek reported that he earned about $ 18 million a year, which means that his salary was $ 390 thousand a day or $ 78 thousand for each episode.
This is a fairly large amount when compared with his colleagues in entertainment programs. Pet Sayak is paid $ 312.5 thousand per working day, and Vanna White is paid just over $ 200 thousand.
The rest of the time Alex devoted to participating in various television projects. He hosted entertainment and news programs, and attended programs as a guest. Along with other hosts, he took part in NBC’s Card Sharks charity tournament in 1980 and almost won it.
By the time of his death, he managed to earn $ 75 million, but this is only the amount that remained on his account. Throughout his life, he was involved in charity, donated property and millions of dollars to universities, conservatories, foundations and public organizations.
Alex donated the land to the Santa Monica Mountain Conservation Agency. In 2016, he sent $ 5 million to his home university so that they could engage in educational and scientific activities. In 2017, the university founded an award named after the presenter, he himself financed it. Each year, the most outstanding graduate of the course received the sum of $ 10 thousand.
In total, Alex donated about $ 10 million to his native university. Before his death, he donated $ 100,000 to support the poor in Los Angeles. During his tenure, Trebek has amassed a decent collection of ties and outfits, all of which have been donated to a non-profit foundation supporting the poor.

Personal life

The TV presenter has been married twice. The first wife was Elaine Culley, they did not have children of their own, but in marriage they adopted a girl. The second time Trebek married real estate specialist Jean Carrivan, they had two children – son Matthew and daughter Emily.

House / apartment

Alex lived in a mansion in the Studio City area of ​​Los Angeles. He bought it back in 1991 for $ 2.15 million. In the 90s, he owned a $ 4.1 million ranch in Creston, where he raised thoroughbred horses, in 2005 he sold it for twice as much. He owned a lakeside country house in Nascimento, but sold it for $ 1.4 million in 2016.


Alex Trebek, even after his death, remains one of the most influential TV presenters in the United States. He amassed an impressive $ 75 million and, if not for cancer, continued to make money as the host of Jeopardy!

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