Billy Beane Net Worth

Billy Beane

Net Worth: $20 Million
Real (full) name: William Lamar Beane III
Born: March 29, 1962
Country of Origin: Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Source of Wealth: Baseball player
Social networks: Twitter


Billy Bean is a former American baseball player who played for various professional teams in the 1980s. Bean has played in both major and other leagues. Later, as a manager, Billy Bean successfully applied empirical analysis of baseball, after which this approach was widely accepted. A few years later, Michael Lewis wrote about this book.

Early years

Billy Bean was born on March 29, 1962 in Orlando, Florida, USA. He spent his childhood in Mayport, Florida and San Diego, California.
Billy attended Mt. Carmel High School “in San Diego. During his school years, he showed himself well in baseball, basketball and football. His talent as head coach of the varsity baseball team, after which he included Bean in the final game of the season.
At the same time, the young man continued to play football. He chose between the two sports for a long time, but settled on baseball.


In 1980, the 18-year-old baseball player was noticed by the New York Mets baseball team, where Billy Bean’s professional career began. In 1984, the baseball player made his MLB debut.
After Bean applied empirical analysis, the team won 20 matches in a row, which until then seemed almost unrealistic.
In 2015, Billy Bean joined the structure of the Dutch football club AZ Alkmaar, which regularly plays in the major league.

Net worth

It is difficult to describe in detail how Bean was able to achieve such success. Suffice it to decline that in 2002 he turned down a tempting $ 12.5 million offer from the Boston Red Sox to avoid becoming his philosophy and staying with Athletics. Obviously, even then, Billy Bean’s income was impressive.
Strangely enough, Bean considered his idol the football manager Arsene Wenger, who spent 22 years as a football mentor for London’s Arsenal. In addition, Bean kept in touch with legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, as well as senior management at Liverpool Football Club. These connections allowed for a deep immersion in the world of English football.
Apparently, Bean’s interactions with influential people from English football helped him get his own position in this sport. Thus, the football club AZ Alkmaar from the Netherlands hired Bean as an advisor in 2015.
But Bean’s passion for English football over time pro English. In 2017, the former baseball player became part of a consortium led by Chien Lee to buy Barnsley Football Club, playing in one of England’s lower divisions.
So, thanks to his talent for analyzing sports events and recruiting quality athletes, Billy Bean went from being a mediocre baseball player to being an influencer in baseball and football.
Bean’s abilities were not only noticed in the sports field. In 2007, software company NetSuite appointed Bean to its board of directors.
According to the latest financial statements for 2020, Billy Bean’s current net worth is estimated at approximately $ 14 million.
Billy Bean’s annual salary with the Oakland Athletics is estimated at $ 1 million. NetSuite has an annual profit of approximately $ 4 million.

Personal life

Bean’s daughter by Casey’s first marriage (marriage to Katie Sterdivant) graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio.
The man currently resides in Danville, California, with his second wife, Tara, and their twin children, Tinsley and Braden.

House / apartment

Billy Bean lives in Danville, California with his wife and two children.


Billy Bean has gone from being an ordinary baseball player to being a very successful person. During the days of his professional career, he was not the best player, so in playing time he does not always provide a lot. Perhaps this helped him achieve serious success in his life. Bean began to analyze the play of underrated baseball players. His empirical approach has allowed the team to win 20 games in a row, which has never happened to it in more than 100 years of history.
Later, Billy Bean applied his analytical skills to football and several other areas. The former baseball player’s annual income is now estimated at approximately $ 5 million.

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