Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron Diaz

Net Worth: $140 Million
Real (full) name: Cameron Michelle Diaz
Born: August 30, 1972
Country of Origin: San Diego, California, USA
Source of Wealth: Model, Actor, Voice Actor
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Cameron Diaz is the owner of prestigious awards, a place of honor on the avenue of stars and the title of a highly paid actress. She became famous for the comedy “The Mask” and built a dizzying film career.

Early years

The actress was born in San Diego. Her father worked in the oil industry and her mother was a customs broker. Diaz graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic School. In her youth, she was not interested in fame, she was fond of music, caring for pets, and spent her free time in the company of local children.


Already at the age of 16, Cameron signed her first contract with a modeling agency and went to conquer world catwalks. She had work with famous designers, she mainly starred for advertising and glossy publications. At the age of 21, the girl decided that she was bored with the modeling business and it was time to discover new horizons for herself, so she got to the casting for the film “The Mask”, and passed it brilliantly.
To improve her acting skills, she attended courses. Hard work on herself, pretty appearance and natural charm helped her to achieve considerable heights. Over a 34-year career, she managed to star in such cult films as:

  • “The Mask”;
  • “Feeling Minnesota”;
  •  “There’s Something About Mary”;
  • “Being John Malkovich”;
  • “Charlie’s Angels”;
  • “Gangs of New York”;
  • “The Holiday”;
  • “The Box”;
  • “Bad Teacher”

Her career would have continued to develop further if Diaz had not decided to leave filming in 2014. Three years after the release of the last picture with her participation, she announced that she was tired of constant travel and wanted to focus on herself.


At the peak of popularity, Diaz’s fees reached fabulous sums, during this period her bank account was replenished by $ 160 million. In recent years, the actress has been one of the highest paid in Hollywood, with payouts starting at $ 10 million and ending at $ 20 million.
Each film with her participation became incredibly successful, and along with this, her fee increased. So for the role of Mary Jensen in the 1989 comedy, she was paid $ 2 million, for the shooting in “Charlie’s Angels” already $ 12 million, and for participation in the second part of the franchise, she received $ 20 million. Cameron’s invitation to Gangs of New York cost the producer $ 17.5 million.
Diaz received a lot of money for her work on the Shrek cartoons. So for the first cartoon she was paid $ 3 million, and for each subsequent $ 10 million. For the main role in the film “Bad Teacher” Cameron did not ask for a high fee, the conditions for her participation were as follows: for the shooting she receives $ 1 million + a percentage of the profits in the box office. The film grossed over $ 200 million, and Cameron received $ 42 million.
In 2010, Forbes magazine ranked her 60th in the list of the richest celebrities. After leaving the cinema, the actress continues to lead a media life and increase her capital. She is profitable from regular book publications and her own brand of organic wines, Avaline.

Personal life

Cameron has a hectic personal life. She has had long-term relationships with Carlos de la Torre, Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, and Alex Rodriguez. Her last chosen one and husband was musician Benji Madden, they are raising a daughter, Raddix.

House / apartment

Most of Cameron’s capital was spent on real estate in the Hollywood Hills and New York. She bought her first mansion on Sunset Boulevard in 2001 for $ 1.34 million and is still in her possession. But she lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, it was bought in 2010 for $ 9.5 million.
She began to buy real estate in New York at the beginning of the 2000s. For a long time she stayed in the penthouse, but sold it for $ 4 million. Not long before that, Diaz bought an apartment in the Chelsea area for $ 9.5 million.
In October 2020, Cameron acquired a new property. She and her husband bought another Beverly Hills mansion for $ 20.8 million, located in a gated community. The house has an area of ​​9 thousand square meters. ft 7 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and 10 bathrooms. In addition to the mansion, there is a huge area of ​​1.7 acres.


Despite leaving the cinema, Cameron continues to be the number one actress in Hollywood. She is a happy wife, mother, and a net profit of $ 140 million. Many are confident that her capital would continue to multiply if she stayed in the movies.

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