Chris Brown Net Worth

Chris Brown

Net Worth: $ 50 million (status June 2021)
Real (full) name: Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown
Born: 5th May 1989
Country of Origin: USA
Source of Wealth: Rapper / Performer
Social networks: Instagram


Successful singer, composer and dancer, better known by his abbreviated name.

Early years

Chris Brown was born in Virginia. The future rapper’s father worked in a city prison, and his mother worked in a kindergarten.
Chris became interested in music from an early age. During his school years, he got acquainted with the work of the king of pop music Michael Jackson and told his parents about his hobby.
The parents were surprised at the child’s talent and invited their son to take part in the work of the church choir. Soon they began to look for opportunities for their son to get a record deal. However, the search did not last long, because the family broke up as a result of a divorce.
Thanks to his parents, Christopher completely connected his life with music. For the sake of this, he even stopped going to school.


In 2004, Chris Brown signed an agreement with the high-profile company “Jive Records”, followed by the release of the self-titled debut studio album. It was named platinum twice. At that time, Christopher was 16 years old. The main track of the album took first places in the American charts 2 weeks later.
Chris’s net worth on first album: $ 9 million Even before he came of age, Brown was named the most commercially successful young performer.
After his first triumph, Chris Brown released four more albums. Each of them received a platinum award. The fact that Brown toured to support each album played a significant role. Chris’ net income from subsequent albums: over $ 30 million.
The performer was respected in the musical environment. He opened for Beyoncé Knowles and Rihanna on their tours. For each concert, the young rapper was paid over $ 1 million.
As of December 2021, Chris Brown has sold over 120 million records worldwide. This success made Chris the world’s best-selling music artist. Through consistent record sales, he has a consistent profit of $ 7-9 million.
The dancer owns fourteen Burger King restaurants and earns $ 2 million in annual revenue from each establishment.
The rapper showed his abilities as an actor and managed to star in several films. One of them is dedicated to the Christmas theme. The rating of the films was not high, but the musician was paid a fee of $ 1.5 million.
Chris is a regular Internet user. His earnings on the Youtube channel as of February 2021 are 1.575 rubles per second, 137,832 rubles per day and 4,205,438 rubles per month.

Personal life

Chris became famous for his romance with singer Rihanna. They met for several years. Once the lovers had a fight. Chris beat Rihanna right in the car, after which he fled the scene. A few weeks later, he voluntarily went to the police station. Chris was arrested and later sentenced to five years of probation.
A year later, Christopher wanted to restore his relationship with Rihanna. The attempts were successful, because a year later the former lovers recorded a joint song. In memory of the tragic mistake, Chris tattooed a beaten girl on his neck.
Chris Brown also had a relationship with model Carruche.
Later, information appeared on the Internet that the rapper has a nine-month-old daughter, whom he takes care of and often brings gifts. The journalists failed to establish the identity of the girl’s mother.

House / apartment

Chris loves to have fun and noisy time. Neighbors have repeatedly complained about parties at his six-bedroom cottage. In 2020, the dancer sold this house for nearly $ 2 million.
In California, Chris has a mansion with ten baths, an ice cream bar and a billiard room. Its area is so huge that it can simultaneously accommodate more than seventy-five cars.
Chris also has a home in Los Angeles. In 2015, an armed group broke into it with the aim of robbery. At this time, Chris was at the concert. Upon his return, he found his frightened aunt locked in a closet.


Chris calls himself a perfectionist. It is important for him that there is order in the house.
He often creates drawings of various monsters. He considers them to be a mirror image of the negative perception of society about him.
Brown also enjoys painting murals. Most of the profits from creativity donate to charities.
Basically, he himself acts as a director in his videos.


“I call the Ebola outbreak a form of population control”
Chris is interested in social and political issues. He calls the Ebola outbreak a form of population control.

“I have creative abilities. For this reason, new ideas come to me while listening to song”
Chris is confident that he is creative. For this reason, he often listens to music, because during this lesson new ideas come to him.

“I’m planning to open a clothing company. However, I want to create things for children! They cannot buy Nike or Adidas clothing, as it is expensive. Therefore, I advocate the launch of the lower end line, which will be of good quality”
Chris Brown has announced many times that he plans to start a clothing company. However, he wants to create things for children! They cannot buy Nike or Adidas clothing because they are expensive. Therefore, the performer is in favor of launching the lower end line, which will be of good quality.

“I spend a lot of time at work. In this regard, my best memory of my vacation is considered to be the following: a joint evening with my wife and children”
Brown spends a lot of time at work. In this regard, the following is considered to be his best memory of the rest: a joint evening with his wife and children. This statement is not entirely clear because Chris has no family.

“I learned from my mother how to treat ladies with respect”
From his mother, the millionaire learned to respect the ladies. This is strange, because more often such things are taught by the father.

“Follow your innermost dreams. But first you need to make sure that you are comfortable and have fun”
Chris Brown advises following your deepest dreams. But at the same time, it sets a condition: first you need to make sure that you are comfortable and fun.

“I consider the worst moment to be an emergency at one of the performances. I went on stage and opened my mouth to sing. However, my throat tightened. I started coughing and couldn’t speak. It lasted about a minute. I was able to handle it. It’s remarkable that the crowd didn’t pay much attention to this”
The rapper considers an emergency at one of the performances to be the worst moment. He took the stage and opened his mouth to sing. However, his throat tightened. He began to cough and could not speak. This lasted for about a minute. Chris was able to handle it. It is remarkable that the crowd did not pay much attention to this. One can envy Chris’s endurance. Another performer would have left the stage in confusion, but not Chris!


As of June 2021, Chris Brown has a fortune of $ 50 million. He is called the richest hip-hop performer to achieve great success in recent decades.

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