Johnny Sins Net Worth

Johnny Sins

Net Worth: $3 Million per year
Real (full) name: Steven Wolfe
Born: December 31, 1978
Country of Origin: Outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Source of Wealth: Porn industry
Social networks: InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTokVKSnapchat


How to “change” a dozen professions in just a few years: from plumbing to lawyer, from doctor to teacher and fitter? It’s enough just to be Steve Wolfe by passport and Johnny Sins by life.

Early years: what made Sinsa a porn star?

Surprisingly, there is almost no information about the family of such a famous person. It is reliably known that Johnny has a younger sister, and his father worked as a factory worker at a steel enterprise, and in two shifts, so that there was enough for an education for the children. On this, the trace of his real family is lost. Perhaps parents are embarrassed about their son’s career or do not want extra attention to their personas. The real reason Sins doesn’t show his family is unknown.
At school, the future star played on the basketball team and he did it very well, sports was his real passion. Steve also dreamed of leaving his hometown as soon as he graduated from college, as he hated the cold and bad weather.
At the age of 20, the young man tried himself in the casting of classic cinema (on the advice of friends), but he heard a refusal, was very upset and abandoned thoughts of acting. He worked for 7 years as a fitness trainer in his native settlement. According to some reports, Steve also worked for a construction company.
This continued until 2006.
Then Steve decided to try his luck again and came to screen tests in Los Angeles, but again to no avail.
The frustrated young man was more determined than the first time, was not going to give up and eventually became famous.


For the first time, 21-year-old Steve received an offer to try himself in spicy filming from a fellow student, but the young man refused, hoping for a career in classic cinema. When failures at casting discouraged such a desire, Steve chose the sonorous pseudonym Johnny Sins and began auditioning for roles in adult films.
At first, the porn industry brought in so little money for the newcomer that there was not even enough money to buy food. Sinsu had to take several part-time jobs at once in order to earn a living.
At the age of 28, Steve first signs a contract (by the way, with Brazzers), which paved the way for him to fame.
Popularity came already 2 years after the start of his career. Johnny made his debut in Yo for Yoga. 2008’s Cheerleader from Digital Playground, starring Sins, was voted the highest grossing porn film of the year and brought the rising star great fame. In addition to collaborating with the Canadian company Brazzers, which is closely associated with the actor, he starred for Wicked Pictures, Lisa Ann Productions. Johnny, as expected, has a personal account on PornHub, where he and his girlfriend post joint naughty videos.
Among the many awards – several victories in the nominations “Best Male Performer of the Year”, “Best Stage”. Winner of the XRCO Awards for Best Actor of the Year. If the awards weren’t so boring to list, there would be a couple dozen more.
The key to Johnny’s overwhelming success, according to most fans, is his healthy lifestyle, charming charisma and impeccable appearance. The actor likes to repeat that he did not miss a single workout, condemns fast food and microwaves, adheres to a healthy diet, and has no bad habits.

Financial success

For one video with his participation, Johnny receives $ 5,000 as of 2021.
In 2018, he starred in more than 150 films, his income was about $ 800,000.
In 2021, Sins’ earnings, according to some sources, are $ 3,000,000 per year.
By the way, for every million views of his video on PornHub, a user receives an average of $ 600, and this does not include donations! Johnny also makes money from the YouTube channel SinsTV, where he has been hosting the show with his girlfriend since 2017.

Personal life

Johnny’s wife is gorgeous Kissa Sins, a California native with beautiful blonde hair and a chic figure, she has 3 tattoos. Born June 22, 1987. According to some reports, before meeting with Sins, the girl worked in the office, and after meeting Johnny, she began her career as a porn actress. Kissa started out with amateur videos shot with Sins, and when the audience responded positively about her talent, she decided to shoot professionally. At the moment, there are about 300 paintings with her participation.
The young people initially planned to meet only for one night, but they liked each other and began a serious relationship.


The couple have been living in their home in Hawaii for several years now, leading a healthy and active lifestyle. They especially enjoy going to the gym and the beach, and amateur diving. Kissa and Steve are the happy owners of two adorable pit bulls, the photos of which the girl often shares on her Instagram.


  • On January 11, 2017, Johnny shared on Twitter a link to his personal profile on the popular social network of the CIS countries Vkontakte, which was later even verified.
    He is really popular and loved by the Russian-speaking community, and on Vkontakte there are several dozen groups dedicated to Bald from Brazzers.
  • In 2019, Instagram blocked Sins’ account after posting a star eating banana for breakfast. It is interesting that within a year about 300 “colleagues” of the actor suffered the same fate. The administration of the social network did not answer the actor’s question about the reason for the blocking. Sins tried to create a new account, which was also blocked promptly without explanation.
  • In his youth, the actor wore long hair (almost up to his shoulders!)
  • “The hardest part was confessing to my parents” – the actor explains in one of his interviews. He lied and hid his occupation from his loved ones for almost a year after the move, so that one evening he suddenly called and confessed everything. Sinsa’s sister helped her parents adopt their son. She assured them that in Los Angeles, working in the porn industry is not considered shameful and immoral. Parents even began to show interest in the profession of their son, periodically peacefully asking how things were going on the set.
  • In 2013, information about Johnny’s death in a plane crash was “thrown” into the network. Naturally, the actor denied the rumors.


Some people say obscenities to Johnny and his wife, condemn them, but young people do not pay attention to the haters. Judging by their experience in relationships, successful careers, wealth and sunny pictures on Kissa’s Instagram, the actors are happy, they love their life and each other. Johnny’s story teaches us not to give up, work hard for our dreams, ignore public opinion, and everything will definitely work out!

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