RiceGum Net Worth


Net Worth: $8 Million
Real (full) name: Bryan Quang Le
Born: November 19, 1996
Country of Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Source of Wealth: YouTuber
Social networks: FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramTikTok

The famous YoyTube blogger and rapper RiceGum gained popularity thanks to extravagant videos, in which he often makes fun of others. Real name is Brian Kwang Lee. His videos are gaining 2 million views. The channel has 10 million subscribers.

Early years

Brian Lee was born in Las Vegas in November 1996. His mother is Chinese and his father is Vietnamese.
Brian attended Siera Vista School. During his school years he was a member of the basketball team. After graduating from Siera Vista, he entered the University of Nevada. I dropped out in my first year to devote full time to blogging.


In his early years, the young man was fond of the game Call of Duty. His friends were warmly greeted by Brian’s venomous comments during the game. Many encouraged him to speak even more caustically.
Since 2012, at the age of 15, the future star begins to run her YouTube channel, signing it with her full abbreviated online pseudonym RiceGum (full version – Rice Flavored Gum). From the first videos, he frankly admitted that he loves to troll people because of his hilarious sense of humor.
Brian has been streaming his Call of Duty on Twitch game since 2013. Then the MLG.TV platform appears.
Since 2017, the blogger’s musical career begins. Every year, new singles appear, which immediately become hits and occupy the leading lines of the charts. It all started with the overwhelming success of “It’s Every Night Sis”, which debuted on two charts at once: the Canadian Hot 100 (ranked 55th) and the Billboard Hot 100 (ranked 80th). His colleague from YouTube, Alice Violet, took part in the production of the hit. It was blatantly trolling Jake Paul’s It’s Daily Bro. A year later, the hit went platinum.
In the same year, the singles “God Church” (which became the leader of the Comedy Digital Track Sales chart) and “Frick da Police” appeared. In his works, the performer made references to the song “It’s Daily Bro” and other performers (in particular, another YouTube blogger, IDubbbz). The last track was above the 50th position in the charts.
The next song “Naughty or Nice” was released for the Christmas holidays.
Popular tracks “Bitcoin” and “Fortnite n Chill” appear in early 2018.
After 2 years the world meets the song “DaAdult”. A month after it, the single “My Ex” was released.
The bulk of the blogger’s followers are young people and adolescents.

Net worth

In December 2018, Mystery Brand paid Brian over $ 100,000 to make a video that would promote their site. Users spent here real money from 2 to 1300 dollars for the opportunity to buy boxes with potentially valuable physical things inside in the real world. In the video, the star shows how he buys boxes and wins Apple AirPods.
According to the available statistics, in March 2020, the blogger’s channel brought him a profit of $ 6.6 thousand. In 2021, the blogger focuses on a creative career, the channel’s income has dropped to $ 800 per month (October 2021).
On average, the blogger’s channel and his Twitter bring him $ 24,000 a month.
The approximate income of a blogger per 1000 views is $ 1.21. His videos are watched by about 2 million users. On the channel, the blogger earns income from views and advertising.
In 2018, RiceGum co-starred the 1-minute Super Bowl LII commercial from Monster. $ 10 million was spent on production. The exact amount that Brian received was not disclosed. But for the main role, he received a significant fee.

Personal life

Until 2019, he was in a relationship with model Abby Rao. But the blogger tries not to advertise the details of his personal life.

House / apartment

In 2021, Brian moved from his hometown to a large Los Angeles mansion located in the Hollywood Hills.


By the end of 2017, the artist’s New Year’s composition reached 25th position on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart. Six months later, the Composition was certified platinum by the relevant record association RIAA.
After a trip to Hong Kong, the blogger’s subscribers reacted aggressively in the comments to the fact that he mocked the specifics of the nationality and traditions of local residents. As the blogger explained, he was only joking and wanted to show how ridiculously other people use stereotypes.
His ways of making fun of other popular YouTube bloggers are hotly debated.


If you know anything about YouTube, I was at the top of the game of YouTube last year and everyone and their mom tried to make a vid about me“.
The blogger wants to emphasize his importance and creativity in the vastness of YouTube in every possible way.

Maybe I could be a better role model to kids, but I’m just a dude who makes videos“.
The blogger just does what he loves and does not expect his followers to imitate him. The main thing is views.

You watch me to be entertained, that’s that. If you want to see me as a role model, so be it, but I’m not going to change the way I act for anyone“.
Despite the possible desire of the public, Brian will remain true to his style.


RiceGum has adapted to the fashion trends of the modern interests of young people and was able to do a good business on the topic of humor and trolling.

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