Stevin John Net Worth

Stevin John

Net Worth: $16 Million
Real (full) name: Stephen J. Grossman
Born: May 27, 1988
Country of Origin: Ellensburg, Washington, U.S.
Source of Wealth: Children’s entertainer and educator on YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Video
Social networks: FacebookInstagramYouTube

A man named Stevin John opened a Blippi kids YouTube channel in 2014. This quickly earned him immense fame in the English-speaking world. Stevin John is an interesting creative person who makes a quality show. It quickly crossed the million subscriber milestone, and Stevin John himself became a millionaire as a result.

Early years

The author of the project spent his childhood in the countryside. He himself claims to have grown up among cows, horses and tractors. He is currently using a lot of this when creating content for his channel. As a child, Stevin John dreamed of becoming a limousine driver. Another dream of the future leading children’s channel was to become a fighter pilot.


The first episode on the Blippi channel appeared on January 27, 2014. The content quickly became very popular, started to bring in money, but the number of subscribers did not satisfy Stevin John. He constantly worked to improve the quality of the material. By 2021, the number of subscribers has grown to 16 million. In October 2021, an additional character, Meekah, was announced to appear on the show. From December 1, 2021, the show can be seen not only on Youtube, but also on the Amazon Kids + channel, there are two puppet characters in this project – Scratch and Patch.

Net worth

The full list of Stevin John’s income is not known, and there is no data on his involvement in other projects. We can definitely say that the Blippi show became profitable soon after its launch. The author managed to find a niche in which almost no one had created high-quality content before him. Blippi Toys, which is the second channel, also generates a small amount of income. It is dedicated to various toys.

In 2021, a contract was signed with the Amazon Kids + channel. So the show went beyond YouTube, which had a positive impact on revenue growth. Now Stevin John is getting a lot of contract money that does not depend on the number of views on YouTube. This allows you to be more free to be creative, to conquer new heights, which again leads to an increase in income.

Personal life

It is not known for certain whether the author of the most popular children’s channel has his own children. Stevin John is not the only child in the family. In an interview, he admitted that the idea of ​​creating the show came to him after he saw his two-year-old nephew, watching all kinds of nonsense on YouTube.

House / apartment

Stevin John does not share information about his property. Judging by the number of subscribers and views on the channel, he should be making a lot of money. The lack of details of the life of a millionaire does not allow us to say something specific about his apartments or mansions.


The children’s channel Blippi is striking in its ability to captivate the child and view a large amount of content. However, initially Stevin John drew small videos with trash content. In 2013, the videos “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man” were released, the main character of which is a boy born from a poop. When these videos were discovered in 2019, Stevin John expressed his regret for being involved in such bad taste.

Creation of content for children does not fit well with military service. Stevin John has experience with the United States Air Force and is a veteran of the armed forces. By becoming a pilot, the author of the Blippi channel fulfilled his childhood dream. It is possible that it is for this reason that in many videos he presents the idea that each person should strive to realize what his heart lies in.


Blippi’s channel is one of the most popular YouTube channels in terms of content for children. It surpasses competitors in quality, so its audience is constantly growing. The author of the project is Stevin John, a man with a lot of ideas. The show has been running since 2014, but since then the approach has remained fresh, even old videos look as if they were made recently.

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